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New blog

Once again, I try to start to run a new blog. But now, I write my own blog software. Well I know this is nonsense since there is already a lot of much better weblog software out there and what I write doesn't add any value.

So, why am I doing this? I try to get some more experience with Rust in web development. For a basic blogging software, I just needed 236 lines of code. And currently it provides these features:

  • Threaded web server thanks to actix-web.
  • Templating system to create custom themes thanks to tinytemplate.
  • Static file share to host css files.
  • Display posts which are stored as markdown files thanks to the markdown library.
  • Display a list of posts.
  • And loggging! (= env_logger)

A lot of very important features are still missing. For example RSS feeds and comments. The implementation I made was not very smart and for example the template engine gets initialized on every page request. Since I don't expect many visitors on this page, this is good enough for now but this needs to be fixed. Hopefully I can make an update in 2019.

The code is available at